Every office usually has one. This is when an employee takes it upon themselves to set aside the important (but boring) tasks for day and do something fun like design a sales flyer. Why the heck not! Sorry sales folks, but you guys are usually notorious for this! We know you mean well and you just came up with a pretty brilliant idea for a campaign but it’s not until your Marketing Director sees what’s been circulating that you realize it might not have been the best use of your time. We just ask that you consider your brand before taking this upon yourself.

Yup, we’re a little biased… However, there have been a couple times when we’ve been pleasantly surprised and wondered if this person should have instead pursued a career in design. But unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. These “mish mash” designs with off-brand fonts and colors (many times created in MS Paint or even Word) usually take several hours or days of valuable time to create. Eventually, they are presented to us by horrified Marketing Directors saying, “Oh my God, please fix this, I can’t believe this was out in the field!”.

So next time you decide on an “arts and crafts” project for your company, please share your idea with your marketing team or creative agency. You’ll still be a hero while also helping to protect the integrity of your brand. Everyone will love you for it.